Getting the Floor Sheen Back


Hardwood floors have that unique shine all their own and they add unique qualities that can be both whimsical and elegant at the same time. Various conditions though can lead to your hardwood floors losing their flair. When your flooring has lost its luster, looking outworn from the skid marks, scratches and small gashes, consider restoring hardwood’s old glory by calling for a reliable flooring contractor in MA to refinish it.


Your preferred refinishing contractor will inspect the floor area that needs to be worked on. The inspection takes consideration of the age of the wood, the number of times it was sanded, and the type of finish applied, before the contractor determines how to proceed. If there are nails jutting out of the floor boards, ask about replacing the boards with new planks, refinished to the same degree as the existing boards.

 Clearing Out

Refinishing hardwood floors is tedious, and if the entire house flooring has to be refinished, you have to move out all the furniture and valuables into a secure location in another part of the house or a storage unit. At the same time, plan ahead of moving in with a relative elsewhere for the duration, as the long hours of sanding and grinding can generate a lot of noise and sawdust, which can generate a whole raft of respiratory problems. Plan for some time for the finish to fully cure, before moving back in.