The Need-To-Knows of Wood Wax In Flooring


One of the key points that can accentuate a residential or commercial place is the floor. A good type of floor can make or break an atmosphere of any house.

If you have hardwood as your floor and it is now lacking its used-to-be shine and glamor, it is a sign that you need refinishing. There are several finish options in the market and one of them is wax.

All You Need To Know About Wax

Coming straight from Brazil, the well-known wood floor wax is made from carnauba wax that comes from the leaves of Copernicia Punifera Palm Tree. The leaves are gathered, dried and beaten to loosen the wax that will then be refined. Being in the market for at least hundreds of years, this floor finish has been popular with specialty wood flooring contractors that specializes on distressed flooring and historic renovations.

There are a good number of reasons why this is popular among flooring contractors, even for homeowners. For starters, wax floors can be walked on only a few hours after application, and it looks like there is no coating at all on your floor.

After your floor is refinished by professionals, the homeowners or business owners can then maintain it themselves without the need for recoating. If put on properly and with the right amount, wax can be the best choice to brighten your floor.

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