Your Flooring Contractor’s Quality of Work


The flooring in your home might become worn or you might want a different look throughout the house. If you don’t want to take on the job yourself, you can hire a flooring contractor to come to do the work for you. The contractor will measure the area to make sure the proper amount of materials are purchased and used. He will also ensure that the correct kind of underlay for the flooring is used. If done correctly, this can improve the insulation of the floors in your house.

There are a few ways that you can tell whether you hired an experienced contractor and the quality of his work. A detailed quote and information on the project given in writing should be given to you up front. If it wasn’t included, then you need to consider going back to get the paperwork from the contractor so that you have proof of what was done. The contractor should also examine the flooring for any kind of moisture. If there is moisture under the floor, then it should be addressed before any new flooring is placed as there is likely a leak somewhere underneath the base of the home.

The subfloor should be prepared properly as well, including cleaning and drying. The contractor should use enough nails to keep the floor in place. There are standards your contractor should be familiar with for the number of nails and the type of flooring that are used. For example, two nails are usually required for each board of hardwood flooring.

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