Tile Flooring Maintenance Guide


If you’re planning to install tile flooring in your home in West Springfield, MA, you must learn how to clean and protect it. You won’t have to spend a lot of time caring for the floor once it’s installed since tile cleans easily and is water resistant.

General Maintenance

Whenever debris and dust gather on the floor, simply clean the tiles with a vacuum or a broom. Then, wash the surfaces thoroughly with your favorite cleaning product. A tile floor should be cleansed with a damp mop once a week. If the flooring is installed in a heavy traffic area, you’ll need to mop it more often to limit scratching that is usually caused by soil and grit.

Extra Protection

Heavy furniture can severely damage tile surfaces if a floor doesn’t have an extra layer of protection. This is why you must place quality floor mats underneath your couches and chairs. You can also prevent nicks and scratches by laying a protective pad in front of every entrance and exit in your home. A good pad will grab and hold corrosive substances before they are tracked onto the floor.

Key Advice

Don’t use any cleansers that contain any type of bleach or acid because the chemicals will harm the tiles. Also, avoid all products that have oil-based or waxy components.

Always use gentle cleansers to eliminate heavy stains on your tile flooring. You shouldn’t use steel wool pads because the material will scratch the floor.

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