Bathroom Flooring Ideas to Consider


When deciding on the flooring material for your new bathroom, always remember that ceramic tiles, vinyl or actual stones are your best potential choices. As much as possible avoid using wood, because they bloat up when they get wet, if you must insist on using wood, however, go for the engineered variety.

Here are some more flooring options that you might want for your newly remodeled bathroom.

  • Mixed Tiles – Instead of just sticking to a single tile design, try mixing up different tiles with varying shapes, colors, and patterns to give your bathroom that artistic look that can easily impress your guests.
  • Heated Floors – You will thank the heavens for this luxury upgrade during the colder months, when your feet remains warm while you do your bathroom activities, you might even enjoy walking barefoot during winter with this special feature.
  • Rough Tiles – The problem with smooth tiles is that they’re slippery. Fight this problem with textured tiles to give your floor a rougher surface.

Lastly, you should remember to avoid using a carpet unless you plan on drying it every time you use the bathroom. Some carpets are specially made to be waterproof, but you might as well go for ceramic and stone tiles because they are the proven best options for bathroom flooring.

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