What to Consider in Hardwood Floors


When you tell the contractor to install hardwood flooring, you have to choose between two options that can most likely work best for your interior. Whether solid wood or engineered wood, these two floorings relatively don’t differ in how they’ll look in your interior, for both would still give you the classic and warm appeal.

Solid planks or plywood is the usual material that comes to mind when you say hardwood flooring. This flooring type is most effective to install on grade and above grade but less likely in basements or any other foundations due to the ground moisture. On the other hand, engineered wood is a modified type of solid wood with a wood veneer layer over plywood, most preferably to be installed on concrete slabs.

Besides the prospect location of the flooring, the type of subfloors determines the most suitable hardwood floor. Subfloors generally have three types: concrete slabs, plywood, and particle board, with plywood being the most versatile in all kinds of wood floors. Concrete slabs, on the other hand, may be applied with solid floor as long as it’s on grade, while particleboards will have to be replaced with plywood before installing any hardwood floor.

Although interior designers normally mix and match different materials together, basic style principles have to be followed in choosing the right wood, which would not go against the overall aesthetics of the house. Keep in mind the design of your cabinets, door casings and other woodworks in identifying hardwood floor installations.


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